Building your ‘forever home’ means a lot more than just four walls and a roof; it is all about creating a lifestyle and healthy space that will be more comfortable to live in. This dream home surely demands a respected builder to build your home as at the end of the day you are putting your dream house in someone else’s hand.

The repute builder with sustainable building community will help you at every step to build your perfect home. Opting for a good builder may be a daunting task; a good and reputed new home builder Northern Rivers will always be transparent at his part and let their client ask as many questions as they can in order to make them feel comfortable.

A highly reliable and reputed builder will make every step of home building from choosing a land to moving in very comfortable and pre-plan everything for you. While consulting a builder, it is important to have idea and discussion about the look you want to have for the house.

Take into deep consideration every phase in which your home will be built. A reputed builder will give you every minute detail about how to create a perfect home. From start to end, the phases are: รับสร้างบ้าน

Choose Your Land: Let you choose the land or inspect your very own if you have one.

Tender & Quote: Provides you with a preliminary quote for your house, which is valid for thirty days.

Site Costs and Initial Deposit: Once you have approved the preliminary quote and wish to proceed you will be provided with a firm quote, for the construction of your new home, which will include site costs.

Contract Signing & Balance of 5% Deposit: Once the contract is signed, the plan is then lodge for approval.

Colour Selection & Construction Begins: Finalisation of every detail from colour to design, to begin the construction.

Moving In: You are now invited to inspect your new, ready to move in home.

Structural Guarantee: A reputed builder will give you around 20 years of structural guarantee.

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